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2023 Gippsland Primary Health Awards

The Gippsland Primary Health Awards recognise local primary health organisations or teams who have demonstrated commitment to improved health outcomes for people in Gippsland.

This year’s awards will be a hybrid event – in person at the Traralgon Little Theatre, Grey Street, Traralgon.

The theme for this year’s awards is ‘Ask the Question’. Asking curious questions is a powerful tool for driving outcomes, and we are inviting entrants to demonstrate how, by asking the right questions, they identified the need for their service or project, and then designed and delivered it to meet this need.

The four categories of excellence are also aligned with Gippsland Primary Health Network’s priority areas.

Award categories

Populations – improving health and wellbeing of communities

Priority areas:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing
  • People 65 years and over
  • Children and young people – 0-25 years
  • People with a disability.

This award will focus on initiatives that acknowledge the health challenges of vulnerable communities and groups and demonstrates creative ways of engaging with these communities.

Health – improving outcomes for people experiencing ill health

Priority areas:

  • Alcohol and other drugs
  • Cancer
  • Mental health and wellbeing, including suicide prevention
  • Chronic disease
  • Dementia
  • Reproductive and sexual health.

This award recognises a commitment to improved quality of care and access to care for health issues.

Service – improving health service outcomes and experiences

Priority areas:

  • Health workforce
  • Digital health
  • Access to care that meets people’s needs

This award will focus on initiatives that address health service system issues for our workforce and/or community.

Prevention – improving social and environmental factors of health

Priority areas

  • Family violence
  • Factors affecting health – social determinants, housing, income, social connections
  • Healthy and safe environment – climate change, pandemics, natural disasters.

This award recognises innovative preventative work that impacts on the health and wellbeing of communities across Gippsland.

  • Please outline your reasons for nominating, giving consideration to the award categories and to the evaluation criteria, At least one priority area must be addressed. Please provide as much detail as possible when you lodge your application, including uploading supporting documents that you would like to be considered with your application.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation panel’s role is to assess the entries according to the following criteria:

Description and suitability – What is the primary health service/program? Does it provide services to the Gippsland community? Does it address at least one of Gippsland PHN’s priority areas?

Responding to local needs – How does the service/program respond to local needs? Is there evidence of need for the primary health service/program? Does it demonstrate innovation?

Clear objectives, impacts and outcomes- what sort of questions were asked and how did this drive outcomes? What were the objectives and specific results and outcomes from the primary health service/program?

Collaboration – Is there active and ongoing consumer and carer involvement? Does the primary health service/program enable equitable access and engagement, particularly with vulnerable groups? Is there evidence of collaboration and integration with other services?

Sustainability – Is the primary health service/program sustainable? Is there potential for expansion?


Winners of each section will receive a gift card for $2000 which can be used on a wellbeing team development activity within the winner’s organisation.

How to enter

Entries close on Monday 2 October 2023.

Lodge your entry here.

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