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Gippsland Womens Health – GP CoP | Lunch and Learn – Working Together to Eliminate Gendered-based violence

You’re invited to the GWH upcoming GP Community of Practice ‘Lunch and Learn’ session, specifically tailored for Health Care Practice Managers.

We know that GP’s and Practice Managers can face numerous challenges and barriers when addressing gender-based violence including limited disclosures, lack of understanding of referral pathways, lack of training and knowledge of family violence and limited inter-professional collaboration to name a few.

About the CoP

Our Community of Practice (CoP) is a vibrant and dynamic platform that brings together Health Care Practice Managers from GP and Dental Clinics across the Gippsland region.

After extensive consultations, GWH are excited to launch this Community of Practice for Practice Managers working in healthcare clinics. We aim to foster a collaborative environment where members can share their experiences, exchange knowledge, and collectively address challenges in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

Why join the CoP?

  • Professional Development: Expand your skills, knowledge, and expertise through interactive discussions and educational sessions led by industry experts around preventing gender-based violence.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with other Health Care Practice Managers, exchange ideas, and connect with Family Violence local service providers to know their referral pathways.
  • Share Experiences: Provide opportunities to discuss emerging themes, patterns, limitations, and practice implications in Family Violence.
  • Support and Empowerment: Participate in a forum that encourages shared learning and consistent practice. Create a successful Community of Practice with a group of individuals working in GP practices, who share an interest in eliminating family violence in Gippsland.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increase knowledge about what constitutes gender-based violence and all forms of violence against women, including the impact on diverse communities.
  • Increase knowledge of support service and referral pathways, including mental health, homelessness and family violence services in local areas.
  • Increase in confidence in talking to community about gendered-based violence and knowing role in preventing family violence.
  • Learn how to recognise and respond to family violence within the workplace.
  • Collaborative development of workplace policies and procedures to support the health and safety of women, girls and gender-diverse in the healthcare setting.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Megha Gupta at or Alex at