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Improving Clinical Psychology competencies in working with older Adults in Rural Residential Aged Care Facilities (APS Event)

This event is only meant for members in rural and regional areas of Victoria and all sessions are free to attend.
These webinars will not be recorded and can only be attended live.


A workshop series has been developed to upskill psychologists to work with aged care residents. Mental health concerns among older adults in residential aged care are common and although psychologists are now able to directly offer a service to residents in aged care facilities via the Better Access program, few have direct training in working with older adults.

The aged care environment has its own challenges which practitioners need to be aware of to successfully effect change. Systemic work is of particular importance.

The workshops aim to provide psychologists with opportunities to improve their competence and confidence in working with older adults and to provide aged care residents greater access to evidence based mental health interventions.

A series of six workshops will be held consisting of two components. Each workshop will comprise a 1-hour webinar followed by a 1-hour peer supervision discussion. Webinars will focus on key skills when working therapeutically with older adults in residential aged care.

The workshops will be highly practical, providing knowledge and skills. These workshops will be focused on clinicians working in regional and rural Victoria with the aim of peer supervision discussions to also enhance networking opportunities.

For further information and registration detail see attached flyer.