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Influenza and COVID-19 vaccination update – (National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance)

NCIRS Webinar:

Join this webinar on the latest updates relating to influenza and COVID-19 vaccination, including 2024 Australian Government program recommendations and available vaccines.

The panel of leading experts will present on:

  • influenza and COVID-19 disease and vaccination trends in 2023–2024
  • vaccines for influenza and COVID-19 in 2024, their effectiveness and safety, and Australian Government program recommendations
  • practical tips for vaccinating patients against influenza and COVID-19, including co-administration, pharmacy vaccination and answers to other frequently asked questions.
Preventing respiratory disease in 2024

This webinar forms part of an NCIRS series covering the latest developments in the prevention of respiratory disease in Australia in 2024.

Other webinars in the series include New RSV vaccine and antibody to prevent disease in infants and RSV vaccines for the protection of older adults.