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Living Well with ADHD – Webinar (Black Dog Institute)

This training will discuss the prevalence of ADHD in adults and what prompts adults to seek a diagnosis. We will explore neuroaffirming approaches and strategies for living well with ADHD.

This training will look at strategies related to organisation, memory, stimulation, and sleep.

Learning goals:

• To develop knowledge to implement neuroafffirming practices and approaches when working with adults with ADHD

• To outline strengths and possible challenges in adults with ADHD • To identify potential approaches and strategies for organisation, memory, stimulation and sleep

• To identify e-mental health tools and resources for Adult ADHD

• To compare different models of care for ADHD worldwide (GPs, non- medical)


Dr Sarah Barker is a clinical psychologist who is interested in approaches to living well with ADHD to increase wellbeing.

Dr Wee-Sian Woon is a GP and Clinical Editor for HealthPathways. He was awarded the Churchill Fellowship and explored models of care overseas to increase accessibility for the diagnosis and management of ADHD in adults.