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Primary Health Education Series for Frontline Staff – Using Effective Communication to Deal with Aggressive Behaviours

Frontline Staff from General Practice, After Hours and Priority Primary Care Clinics are invited to attend this Education series.

This two part series will provide opportunities to discuss effective communication strategies to reduce aggression and maintain a safe working environment for staff, patients, and the community.

Following the completion of both Session 1 and Session 2 – learners can expect to better understand the following.

1. Identify aggressive behaviours and factors that may trigger those behaviours;
2. Describe effective communication strategies for telephone and face-to-face communication, including dealing with aggressive behaviours;
3. Identify the need for robust practice ‘systems’ – policies, procedures and guidelines to support triage strategies for safe, quality care.
4. Implement strategies to ensure a safe environment exists for staff, patients, and the community (i.e., duress alarms or security systems within the general practice); and
5. Formulate self-care strategies that all staff can practice after dealing with aggressive behaviours.

Presented by – Wendy O’Meara, Associate Education Consultant, Larter

Session 1 – (Online) Tuesday 7th March – 12.30pm – 2pm 

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Session 2- (NOW Online) Wednesday 22nd  March – 12.30pm – 2pm 

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PLEASE NOTE: Practices can choose to send different individuals to each of the session/s and are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions, as they are designed as a series and follow and on from each other these sessions will not be recorded.


Eligible Attendees:

  • Participants must work in the Gippsland PHN catchment area.
  • All front facing staff in General Practice, After Hours and Priority Primary Care Clinics.