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Voluntary Assisted Dying – How to respond to a first request

This webinar is targeted specifically for clinicians who do not participate in voluntary assisted dying, covering considerations in responding to a request when a person raises voluntary assisted dying.

Anyone can get asked about voluntary assisted dying and it can be difficult to know what to say.

This webinar aims to inform health professionals what constitutes a ‘First Request’ for VAD, and what your options and obligations are and considerations in how you respond when voluntary assisted dying is raised by someone you are caring for.

The one hour webinar will include an overview of the legislated requirements including the right to not participate. This will be followed by a panel discussion with clinicians who are and are not involved in voluntary assisted dying.

Topics covered:
• How do I know I am being asked for access to VAD?
• Can I discuss VAD with a patient?
• What information should I give the patient?
• What if a family member or carer asks about VAD?
• What are my legal obligations?
• Do I have to participate in VAD?

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