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Membership of Gippsland PHN is open to organisations and individuals who engage in, or has a legitimate interest in the provision of primary health care within the Gippsland region.

A person is eligible to become a Member if:

  • the person engages in or has a legitimate interest in the provision of Primary Health Care within the Region (for example, by being involved in the delivery, coordination, management, or capacity building of Primary Health Care); and
  • the person is one of the following:
    • a company registered under the Corporations Act or an incorporated association or other body corporate established or registered under another Act of Parliament, having either an Australian Company Number and/or an Australian Business Number; or
    • an individual primary health care practitioner registered with the Agency; or
    • an individual allied health practitioner meeting any requirements that may be specified in regulations adopted by the Board from time to time; and
  • the person is not an officer or employee of the Company.

Gippsland PHN is a public company limited by guarantee. This means that it does not have shares or shareholders, but instead it has members. Its governance is carried out by a Board of Directors, and by becoming a member you will have the opportunity to be involved in our organisation.

Benefits of becoming a member of Gippsland PHN are:

  • Voting rights for nominated individual at board elections
  • Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting
  • Opportunity to vote on key governance decisions at the Annual General Meeting

Membership is free, and takes minutes to complete via the online links below.

Apply online – you can complete or renew your membership by completing the form below:

Application for Individual and Organisational Membership

You can apply for membership here – just fill out the linked application form and when done, press submit.

More information

Download the Constitution.

For further enquiries please contact the Company Secretary via

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