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Digital Health

One Good Community Digital Health Toolbox

One Good Community Digital Health Toolbox

Gippsland PHN One Good Community Digital Health Toolbox seeks to drive positive change in health behaviours through the adoption and use digital health tools and technologies by healthcare providers in Gippsland.

Building an integrated system of health that considers multiple, interconnected factors across the lifespan inclusive of community, carers and consumers is critical. Digital health enables the building of a contemporary, quality health system that is outcomes-focused and values-based.

The One Good Community Digital Health Toolbox is guided by a set of principles:

  • Quality and Safety: Engage the patient in the care they need using digital technologies in an accessible, safe and effective manner.
  • Quality Improvement: Drive quality improvement using digital tools and technologies to promote optimal patient experience and outcomes.
  • Drive digital advancement: Through the introduction and maintenance of innovative digital and population health resources and tools to support advancement in digital health maturity.
  • Plan for sustainability: Establish new workflows and ensure the entire workforce has the digital skills and knowledge to achieve long term sustainable improvements in delivery of quality care.
  • Deliver patient-centred care that considers social determinants of health: By offering patient- centred care that facilitates service access and monitoring of activities between providers that leads to goal setting, self-management, health outcomes and greater efficiency.

Digital information and resources

There is a range of digital information and resources available to support healthcare providers and healthcare professionals.

Click on the toggles below to find out more about what is on offer to support your you.

Consumers can now access My Health Record information on mobile phones via the new my health app.

An Australian Digital Health Agency owned and managed app, my health is the latest digital tool developed by the Agency to help consumers and their carers engage with and be proactive in managing their health.

The app provides easy access to key health information once it has been uploaded to My Health Record including:

  • medicine information history
  • pathology results, including COVID-19 test results
  • proof of vaccination history and upcoming immunisations
  • allergy and reactions information
  • hospital discharge summaries
  • advance care planning documents

The my health is now available to download from iOS and Android app stores by searching for “my health gov”.

Learn more about my health at and put your health in your hands with the new my health app.

Digital Health Maturity Assessment

The Digital Health Maturity Assessment is a great way for general practices in Gippsland to determine their level of digital maturity and support the planning of digital health improvement activities over time.

The assessment explores each general practice’s cultural, process and technical readiness to support new and alternative models of care. There are three levels of digital maturity, foundational, intermediate and advanced.

View the report here: Digital Health Maturity Assessment paper. For more information or to participate in the Digital Health Maturity Assessment email Gippsland PHN.

Secure Messaging enables the safe, secure, interoperable and confidential sharing of information across all healthcare providers and consumers. A key priority of the National Digital Health Strategy secure messaging aims to address the lack of consistency in the exchange of information across the healthcare sector.

To understand how Secure Messaging can work for your healthcare service visit Secure Messaging webpage.

Electronic prescriptions allow healthcare professionals to prescribe and dispense and consumers to claim medicines without the need for a paper prescription.  A key priority of the National Digital Health Strategy it allows prescribers and consumers to choose either a paper or electronic prescription to provide greater choice and access.

For a range of resources to support your healthcare service visit Electronic Prescribing webpage or email Gippsland PHN.

Gippsland Pathways is an online portal, designed to be used by healthcare professionals at the point of care. Each pathway is evidence-based, reflecting local referral information, and aims to preserve clinical autonomy and patient choice.

For information about how Gippsland Pathways can support you visit Gippsland Pathways Webpage

My Health Record provides a platform for a more holistic approach, better care coordination and tailored advice. My Health Record supports healthcare teams in achieving a common goal, optimum health outcomes for patients especially those with chronic and complex medical conditions.

To find out more about how My Health Record can assist your healthcare service click here.

The Quality Improvement (QI) Toolkit is designed to support healthcare services complete quality improvement activities and develop systematic approaches to implementing change.

To find out more visit Practice Incentive Program and Quality Improvement Toolkit.

Funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, Healthdirect Video Call Service provides a platform that combines the convenience and benefits of a telephone call with a face-to-face discussion using everyday smart devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer).

To better understand how the Video Call Service can support patient care, go to Gippsland PHN Healthdirect page or visit Healthdirect Video Call Service.

POLAR (Population Level Analysis and Reporting) is an ‘in practice’ software product for General Practitioners, Practice Managers and other staff to use within their practice to support internal operations, patient-centred care, quality improvement and business development.

Find out how your practice could use POLAR to help improve patient and practitioner outcomes by visiting the Gippsland PHN POLAR page.

The Capacity Tracker is a cloud-based, online tool to support general practices, residential aged care facilities (RACF) and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHO) during emergencies.

For more information and to register visit Gippsland PHN Capacity Tracker page.

Remote Patient Monitoring Program aims to improve the health and wellbeing of patients living with chronic and complex health conditions. Remote patient monitoring supports the appropriate use of health service resources through the management of patients in their homes, coupled with the early detection of patient deterioration.

The program is supported by software platform, Lifeguard. The platform connects health professionals to their patients. It features mobile apps for patients and health professionals, a web portal and infrastructure to connect patients and health professionals together in real-time.

For more information, click here.

Watch this video on the benefits of Lifeguard

Social Prescribing provides healthcare professionals with non-medical referral options, complimentary to existing clinical treatments to improve health and wellbeing by addressing the social determinants of health.

Social prescribing works by enabling general practitioners to link patients with social, therapeutic and practical support provided by voluntary and community support organisations in their local area.

Find out more about Social Prescribing here.

Watch this video on the benefits of using Lifeguard

Gippsland PHN has been working in partnership with general practices across the region to establish a patient monitoring program using the Lifeguard platform to support at home monitoring of patients with chronic health conditions, including mental health issues, and COVID-19.

We are excited to share some of the benefits with you in this video.

If your practice is interest in Lifeguard, email

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