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Aged Care

As a National PHN priority area, aged care is a focus for Gippsland PHN. We commission programs such as psychological services in Residential Aged Care Homes, care finder and early intervention programs

Aged care programs

Primary health networks have received funding to support the Australian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

The Royal Commission examined the complex issues being faced by senior Australians at the interface of the primary health care and aged care systems such as:

  • A lack of access to general practitioners (GPs) and allied health professionals in residential aged care homes (RACHs)
  • Difficulties accessing after-hours services
  • Inappropriate transfers to hospitals
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have specific needs in accessing aged care.

All of which contribute to poor health outcomes for senior Australians and increased pressure on the health systems

Gippsland PHN commissions other services under the aged care program:

Mental Health in Aged Care

Mental Health in Aged Care aims to support residents living in or transitioning to Residential Aged Care Homes (RACHs) across Gippsland.

A total of 53 RACHs have the opportunity to engage with in-reach mild to moderate mental health support for their residents through the Gippsland PHN Mental Health in Aged Care program.

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Gippsland Aged Care Specialist Officers provide in-person support

Aged Care Specialist Officers are now based in both Bairnsdale and Morwell to provide in-person support to older people in Gippsland with greater choice in how they access the aged care services they need.

The officers are at Services Australia centres, based at the Centrelink offices at 60-62 Macleod Street in Bairnsdale and the corner of Elgin and Chapel Streets, Morwell.

An Aged Care Specialist Officer can provide you and/or a chosen representative with in-person support to connect with and navigate the aged care system.

Aged Care Specialist Officers can:

  • provide in-depth information about the different types of aged care services
  • check if you are eligible for aged care services
  • register and refer you for a My Aged Care assessment
  • offer financial information about aged care services
  • help you appoint a My Aged Care representative
  • connect you with local support services, social workers, interpreters and advocates.

Whether you are needing some extra help at home or considering a move to residential aged care, an Aged Care Specialist Officer can give you the support you need to get started on your aged care journey.

In addition to the support offered by Aged Care Specialist Officers, Services Australia staff at the Gippsland service centres can help you:

  • access general information about aged care services
  • navigate the My Aged Care website
  • connect you to more specialist support.

You can arrange a face-to-face appointment with an Aged Care Specialist Officer by phoning 1800 227 475 or speaking with the Services Australia staff at the service centre.

You can still access My Aged Care services through the My Aged Care website at or the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422.

To find out more about the My Aged Care face-to-face service please visit

Grants for RACHs to improve telehealth access to primary care services

Gippsland Primary Health Network is offering grants to Residential Aged Care Homes (RACHs) to improve residents’ access to primary care services.

As part of the Australian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have been provided funding to undertake and commission dedicated activities which support better health, wellbeing and primary care for senior Australians.

These grants will help Gippsland RACHs improve telehealth access so residents can choose to have a virtual consultation if appropriate.

The grants open on Monday 20 February and close on Friday 17 March. See the helpful information below.

Guidance document

Panel of suppliers

Key contacts

My Aged Care

1800 200 422

Aged Care Specialists Officers

1800 227 475

Older Persons Advocacy Network

1800 700 600

COTA Victoria

9655 2100