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Mental Health Care & Suicide Prevention

Gippsland PHN’s Primary Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Stepped Care Program provides access to primary mental health and suicide prevention programs within a stepped care model to improve the overall health and wellbeing of people living in Gippsland. Gippsland PHN has the flexibility to commission evidence-based treatment services to meet local need, catchment priorities and service gaps.

Stepped Care

“Stepped care is an evidenced-based, staged system comprising a hierarchy of interventions, from the least to the most intensive, matched to the individual’s needs. While there are multiple levels within a stepped care approach, they do not operate in silos or as one directional step, but rather offer a spectrum of service interventions.”¹ The aim is to start at the lowest intensive level that meets their needs, but people can move up and down the levels as required.

1 Australian Government Department of Health. PHN Primary Mental Health Care Flexible Funding Pool Implementation Guidance. 2015. P.2

Drug and alcohol services in Gippsland



A full list of regional mental health service providers

Well Population

Mainly publicly available information and self-help resources.

At Risk Groups

(early symptoms, previous illness)

Mainly publicly available information and self-help resources.


of population


Mix of self-help resources including digital mental health and low intensity face-to-fac services.

Psychological services for those who require them.


of population


Mainly face-to-face clinical services through primary care, backed up by psychiatrists where required.

Self-help resources, clinician-assisted digital mental health services and other low intensity services for a minority.


of population


Clinical care using a combination of GP care, psychiatrists, mental health nurses, and allied health.

Inpatient services. Pharmacotherapy. Psychosocial support services.

Coordinated, multi-agency services for those with severe and complex ilness.


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Gippsland PHN’s commissions the following programs under the Primary Mental Health Stepped Care and Suicide Prevention Program:

Low Intensity Mental Health Services:

  • Low Intensity Mental Health Service delivered by within Australia
  • NewAccess service delivered by Wellways
  • Calm Kid Central delivered by Developing Minds

Mild-Moderate Mental Health Services:

Severe and Complex Mental Health Services:

  • Inglis Medical Centre providing services to Sale and surrounding areas. call (03) 5143 7900 
  • Outcome Health provides Mental Health Nurses in General Practice across Gippsland. Call (03) 8822 8444
  • Foster Medical Centre providing services to Foster and surrounding areas. Call (03) 5682 2088

Child and Youth services aim to support young people 12-25 years old to access mental health support through headspace centres across Gippsland.

With a focus on early intervention, headspace centres work with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future. Headspace centres provide a one-stop-shop for young people who need help with mental health, physical health including sexual health, alcohol and other drugs and work and study support.

There are four headspace sites across Gippsland:

Mental Health in Aged Care

Mental Health in Aged Care aims to support residents living in or transitioning to Residential Aged Care Facilities across Gippsland.

53 Residential Aged Care Facilities across Gippsland have the opportunity to engage with in-reach mild to moderate mental health support for their residents through the Gippsland PHN Mental Health in Aged Care program.

In early 2020, Wellways were successful in the tender to deliver tailored in reach mental health services to residents in aged care facilities.  The in-reach services are being incrementally introduced to Residential Aged Care Facilities across Gippsland.

It has been identified that residents both transitioning into residential aged care, and those currently living in residential aged care facilities have high rates of common mental illness with mild to moderate depression.   The aim of the program is to provide an emotional wellbeing model for low intensity psychological in-reach services.

To access a referral to this service through Wellways, or to seek further information, contact:

03 5622 4140

Contact: Charlyn Peters (Intake) or Nicole Barr (Team Leader)

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