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Gippsland Primary Health Network (Gippsland PHN) works to improve health and wellbeing of people across Gippsland.

Feedback for Gippsland PHN

We rely on information from people in Gippsland to help us work on what is most needed.

We will consider all the information in our thinking and will publish summary information here from time to time to let you know what we have learnt and how it’s being used.

Help us make better decisions by sharing your experiences and ideas about how we improve health and wellbeing in your community – how we design, fund and coordinate services for health care across Gippsland.

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Gippsland PHN is interested in hearing from people not accessing healthcare even if they have health issues. Take part in a 30-45 minute chat or a 60-90 minute group discussion and get a $50 voucher.

An anonymous survey option is also available.

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View the Explanatory Statement Survey here.

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Gippsland Primary Health Network (Gippsland PHN) has started work on its next Health Needs Assessment, due to be submitted in 2024 and is calling for nominations to join an advisory panel and be involved in the process.

To join as a community member or organisation representative, sign up here.

For questions, contact Population Health Planner, Maria Garrett, at or phone (03) 5175 5444.

We’re looking for people to become a Gippsland Primary Health Network Contact and get involved in improving health care across Gippsland.

All health professionals and community members welcome

We invite you to register so we can inform you about opportunities to assist us in our work.

  • Primary Health Care
  • Health Needs Assessment
  • Health Workforce
  • Trends, reforms, emerging priorities
  • And more!

This can be via surveys, interviews, group discussions or workshops. Participation in each opportunity will be voluntary.

Complete the online form here if you are interested in being involved. Gippsland PHN will contact you as opportunities arise.

NOTE: All your details will be stored securely in line with the Gippsland PHN privacy policy and will only be accessible to staff for the purpose of improving health and wellbeing of people in Gippsland. Your details will not be shared with anyone outside the organisation without your consent.

We may inform you of opportunities to assist our partner organisations who also work to improve health and wellbeing of people living in Gippsland.

If you have questions or would like to remove your details from the Gippsland PHN Community Contact list, email or phone 03 5175 5444.

Tell us about your health and wellbeing ideas and experiences in Gippsland. Please click here to access a survey where you can tell us as much or as little as you want. You can also upload documents as part of the survey.

It can be totally anonymous or you can choose to tell us a little bit about yourself.

We are always interested to hear about your health and wellbeing ideas and experiences in Gippsland. You can contact us any time via

What we've heard...

Gippsland Primary Health Network gathers feedback from community members, advisory groups and health professionals. Below are summaries of what we have heard so far in 2023 about what is impacting health and wellbeing, and how we can make improvements.

Tell Gippsland PHN – January-June 2023

Tell Gippsland PHN – July-September 2023

Tell Gippsland PHN – October-December 2023

Tell Gippsland PHN – January – March 2024

Gippsland people want to access health care that meets their needs and stage of recovery, when they need it, according to a a report released by Gippsland Primary Health Network.

The comprehensive report, What Gippsland people want for their mental health and wellbeing, is a compilation of insights and priorities collected from various Gippsland PHN projects from 2020 to 2022.

Gippsland Primary Health Network aims to design and fund primary care to suit community needs.

This paper, Primary Care in Rural Communities – Co-designing a model, sets out the process that informed the new community-led model of care featured in the article above. The model provides better value by responding to national and local health priorities identified in the Gippsland PHN Health Needs Assessment and commissioning services suited to local needs.

Care finder supplementary needs assessment. Access a summary here.

Summary results from interviews conducted in 2020 are available here.

A brief summary of service options for people worried about their memory or thinking is available here.

Poster presented at the Health Services Research Conference in Sydney, November 2022 available here.

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