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After-hours toolkit for Residential Aged Care Homes

Gippsland Primary Health Network has developed a comprehensive toolkit to support Residential Aged Care Homes to maximise the care of residents during the after-hours periods.

The toolkit supports Residential Aged Care Homes (RACHs) to assess current preparedness, keep resident medical records up to date, communicate with relevant family members and provides a service directory of local and emergency services that can assist them in the after-hours timeframe.

This toolkit is the result of consultation with the aged care sector in Victoria and collaboration with other services including Ambulance Victoria and Victorian Virtual Emergency Department.

The toolkit includes:

This guide provides an overview of resources available.

The action planning audit tool supports RACFs to undertake a self-assessment audit.

This family fact sheet supports families with decision making in the after-hours period and can be included in admission packs.

The family fact sheet is translated into other languages to support culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Gippsland.

This directory is designed to be used in conjunction with existing arrangements in the after-hours period.

This flowchart can be used as a guide to support registered nurse decision making in the after-hours period.

This checklist be used if a resident becomes unwell for liaising with other health professionals and services such as Ambulance Victoria and the Virtual Emergency Department.

This plan is for optional use and compliments a resident’s advanced care plan.

Watch this helpful video

This video has been produced by Gippsland PHN to explain the after-hours toolkit.

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