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HealthDirect Video Call

Healthdirect Video Call Service is a robust, safe, secure and reliable video consulting service for Australian healthcare.

Healthdirect Australia combines the convenience and benefits of a telephone call with a face-to-face discussion using everyday smart devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer) and an internet connection.

Healthdirect Australia manages this service on behalf of the Australian Department of Health, WA Health, ACT Health and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Gippsland PHN has partnered with HealthDirect to provide general practices in Gippsland free access to the Healthdirect video call service platform.

Key Features

Healthdirect Video Call Service is:

What technology sits behind Healthdirect Video Call?

Healthdirect Video Call uses military grade software developed by Coviu, a spin-off from the CSIRO’s Data61 digital innovation project and is purpose-built for health settings, complete with virtual clinics and waiting areas. It is a secure, private and sustainable mode of convenient access to care. No account, special software or dial-in details are needed by patients.

Healthdirect Video Call is browser-based and can be accessed by clinicians and patients via Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Firefox on a Windows/Mac PC, smartphone or tablet. It works on low internet bandwidths – 3G/4G or ADSL is sufficient.

How is Healthdirect Video Call different to platforms like Skype, Zoom etc?

Healthdirect Video Call follows the applicable Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) for cyber security guidelines and safeguards privacy by leaving no digital footprint. Other video consultation platforms store the details of the call, including the call recording, in central servers (usually outside Australia) accessible by the video service provider and may put clinicians at risk of breach of privacy legislation without informed patient consent.

Find out more from the Resource Centre.

How to Navigate Healthdirect Video Call Service?

To help you navigate the platform, Healthdirect have developed a range of helpful resources, including a starter guide introduction and webinars.

How does Healthdirect Video Call work?

How do providers use the Video Call Service?

Health providers login to the Video Call Service using their preferred email address and join patients in their general practice online waiting area rather than its physical one. General practice staff are notified (via SMS, email or desktop notifications) when a patient arrives in the online waiting area.

How to join a Video Call and see your patient?

Watch this short video on how to join a Healthdirect Video Call and consult with your patient.

How do patients join their consultation using the Video Call Service?

Patients attend their appointment by:

  • Going to a unique weblink shared by the general practice; or,
  • Clicking on a button that the general practice has placed on the practice website.

Unlike traditional video conferencing, patients do not need an account, special software or dial-in details, which reduces the need for extra resources or systems to support video consulting.

Healthdirect Video Call provides patients with a single, consistent virtual entry point to a general practice online waiting area. All patients enter the same way, reducing the need for administrative staff to generate a separate link, code or dial-in information for each patient. This has many advantages, including being able to use a single appointment confirmation template for all patients, enabling Video Call to operate at scale.

Read more on getting your patients started with Video Call.

How to use Video Call for patients?

Watch this short video on how to attend your appointment via Healthdirect Video Call.

Extension of Healthdirect Video Call COVID-19 GP Program to 31 March 2021

The Australian Department of Health has extended the Healthdirect Video Call COVID-19 GP Program to 31 March 2021 and is currently being offered free of charge.

This extension provides a seamless continuation of service for those already using it.

Healthdirect is seeking confirmation from the Department of Health regarding the Healthdirect Video Call Service Pilot Program which many PHNs are involved in and an announcement on this will be shared once received.

Setting up your general practice

If you would like further information or to commence utilising the platform, please contact the Digital Health team at