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Stories Are Strong

Inspiring stories from people with lived experience of suicide and professionals working in the field. #storiesrstrong

I'm a Survivor

Sometimes a series of unexpected events and rapid choices can turn a life upside down, but it’s how you deal with it that matters.

Finding Your Tribe

The day the Victorian Government’s LGBTIQ Equality Roadshow came to town was pivotal for Helen. It was when she finally started to find her tribe.

Broaden Your Horizon

When things get too much for blokes, psychologist Terry Melvin encourages them to take a step back, broaden their horizon, do the things they love and find some peace in every day.

There is Always Hope

Living with mental illness and suicide ideation is a challenge that B tackles daily with the help of good medication, a great team – and her lifesaving lists by the phone.

Conversation Starter

Not many councillors quote a career highlight as walking in a Pride March, or being MC at a suicide prevention forum. Cr Geoff Ellis does – and there should be more leaders like him.

Custodian for Her Community

Professional surfer, Sophie Fletcher is a Community Custodian for Lifeline. At just 20, she is inspired by the power of the ocean and helping others to be the best they can be.

Standing Up For Change

Creating communities and workplaces with positive mental wellbeing starts with strong leaders with a willingness to listen and stand up for change.

Kicking Goals

Poet, sportsman, husband and good mate, Tyson is an impressive young man with talents and potential unlimited. His struggles with mental illness made him the person he is today – and he’s using this experience to help and inspire others.

Throwing Out a Lifeline

It’s one of the most important numbers you will ever need to know. But what really happens when you call 13 11 14?

Inclusive Events Resource

Celebrating diversity in our lives, workplaces and communities gives us a chance to show we care, break down a barrier and make everyone feel welcome and understood.

Life Changing Lists

The simple act of making a list is a powerful way to start taking charge of your health and wellbeing.

Healing Through Culture

Proud Barkindji man Sam Weston recently spent time doing 169 push-ups every day for two weeks in preparation for the Push-Up Challenge. One for every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person who lost their life to suicide in 2018 – and he carries his People, Country and world’s longest living culture in his heart with every move.

Never a Step Too Far

There was a moment when Sally contemplated suicide. But now, after one hell of a wild ride, she knows the best is yet to come.

By My Side

Peer support is an important part of recovery from an attempt on your life. Those who walk by your side down that difficult road will support you because they too have their own stories of strength.

Support After Suicide

Losing someone to suicide is intensely traumatic, difficult and complex. There is something unique about a death where a person ends their own life and that has implications for those left behind. We talk to psychologist Louise Flynn.

Money Matters

Managing mental health and day-to-day life is a challenge. Keeping financially healthy can help take the pressure off.

Your Kind of Happy Resource

Along your life’s journey, it’s important to find your happy places, spaces and people. Across the Stories Are Strong Project, everyone spoke of finding their kind of happy.

Breaking the Silence

Celia dares us all to be courageous enough to start a conversation that may save a life.

Sharing the Healing

Just shy of sixty, Uncle Anthony feels “reborn” through acceptance, slowing down and embracing his culture.