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Digital CBT for teens- Bridging the gap between therapy, technology and clinical practice

With the plethora of digital CBT apps and programs available, how do you select one that’s effective, safe, and engaging for teens?

In this episode, Dr. Aliza Werner-Seidler, Scientia Associate Professor and Head of Population Mental Health at Black Dog Institute, delves into her research on digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and its impact on teen mental health. Aliza shares the latest research findings and insights on navigating interventions to ensure they’re evidence-based and prioritise the safety of teens’ data and privacy, among other considerations.

Joining Hazel McKenzie, a psychologist specialising in teen mental health, who will discuss how clinicians currently integrate digital CBT into practice.

Additionally, Ruby, a teenager serving as a lived experience representative, will offer invaluable perspectives on their firsthand experiences with digital CBT, shedding light on its impact and usability.