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GP Training for ME/CFS and Long COVID


New CPD on ME/CFS and Long COVID for General Practitioners

Long COVID and ME/CFS:  

  • diagnosis,  
  • Treatment/management, 
  • prevention through vaccination and other measures.

This popular advanced course, originally delivered at GPCE in 2023, has been updated and is now available Australia-wide.

Fill in an expression of interest here to be emailed the sign-up link

People with Long COVID often have symptoms that overlap with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). This advanced course offers in-depth knowledge and practical steps about how to diagnose, treat and/or manage patients with Long COVID and ME/CFS, and prevent Long COVID through vaccination and other measures, appropriate to general practice. 

This course opens on the 13th of May. You will be sent a sign in link to our Learning Management System (LMS), which will provide access to the predisposing activity, and all webinars will run from the LMS.  

You can complete the webinar component live, or by watching recorded webinars available within 48 hours of live sessions.  

How does this course work? 

Monday, 13 May

  • Predisposing activity – Short, pre-disposing activity opens .5RP

Monday, 3 June 6-7.30pm

  • Lecture 1 – Diagnosis of ME/CFS and Long COVID 1.5EA

Monday, 10 June 6-7.30pm

  • Diagnosis of ME/CFS and Long COVID 1.5EA

Monday, 17 June 6-7.30pm

  • Treatment/management of ME/CFS and Long COVID. 1.5EA

Monday, 17 June

  • onwards Reinforcing activity – Short, reinforcing activity .5RP

Please see website for more details