Creating a healthier, better connected Gippsland.

Online – Introducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness, Understanding and Knowledge. Bass Coast and South Gippsland – NOMUCKERLENER

All Health Professionals are invited to join us for this introduction session held on Bunurong country (Cape Paterson) and delivered by Jillian West (NOMUCKERLENER, Indigenous Consulting and Mentoring).

Jillian West is a proud Bunurong woman from Point Nepean and Palawa from the Islands of Bass Strait, with a lengthy career supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island People with work,
education and their life journey. This face to face session, will enhance service engagement, providing those who attend the sessions with an understanding of indigenous culture, in order
to deliver culturally competent services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Anticipated outcomes from attending the session/s include:

  1. Encouraging/enabling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to access mainstream health services
  2. Assisting providers in creating culturally competent and culturally safe environment and service
  3. Supporting mainstream health services to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to self identify
  4. Increased awareness and understanding of measures relevant to mainstream primary care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people