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Flu vaccination for children and adolescents

Status: Active

Date issued: 17 July 2023

Issued by: Adjunct Clinical Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer

Issued to: Victorian community and health professionals

Key messages

  • Influenza (flu) activity is continuing across Victoria, with almost half of cases occurring in children and adolescents under the age of 15 years.
  • Influenza A cases in Victoria are likely peaking, but influenza B cases which are more common in young children, are increasing.
  • Flu rates may increase, especially in children with return to school after the holidays.
  • In most children, flu causes mild to moderate illness with symptoms such as fever and cough.
  • Some children can develop severe illness, particularly babies and children with underlying medical conditions. Flu can increase the risk of rare invasive bacterial infections such as Group A streptococcal disease and meningococcal disease, so influenza vaccination can also help reduce this risk.
  • Vaccination is key to protecting children from severe flu and is recommended yearly for everyone aged 6 months and over.
  • It is never too late to vaccinate since the flu can circulate in the community all year round.
  • Read the full advisory: Flu vaccination for children and adolescents

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