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Gippsland COVID-19 Update – 4 October 2021

The total of COVID-19 active cases in Gippsland now totals 75.

Latrobe City has 58, Baw Baw 13, South Gippsland eight, Bass Coast four, Wellington two and none in  East Gippsland. Of the 75 active COVID-19 cases in Gippsland, 55 are linked to known outbreaks.

The Gippsland Region Public Health Unit has released a comprehensive update (below) with testing sites across the region and also Tier 1 exposure sites.

COVID-19 affects everyone differently. You may not feel sick and you may not experience any symptoms, but
you could still be infectious so it is important to follow the public health advice.

There are two types of close contacts. Primary close contacts:

– Someone who has had face-to-face contact or spent time in a closed space with someone who has
COVID-19 while they were infectious.
– Someone who has been in an outbreak or other setting where there is a higher risk of transmission of

Secondary close contacts:- Someone who has had face-to-face contact with a primary close contact at least 24 hours after them
being exposed to COVID-19.

The GRPHU may also identify someone as a primary or secondary close contact based on what is known about
a particular case or outbreak. Close contact with someone can happen in many ways, such as:

– living in the same household or similar setting (for example, a boarding school or hostel)
– being indoors together, including in a car, lift or public transport
– being at a public exposure site at a similar time
– direct contact with the body fluids or laboratory specimens of a person with COVID-19.

You should quarantine at home if:

– you may have spent time or live with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
– you may have spent time or live with someone who may have been exposed to the virus at work,
school or somewhere else
– you may have been exposed to the virus at work, school or somewhere else
– you have been directed by the Department of Health or GRPHU to quarantine
– you have been identified as having to quarantine by authorised officers because you have visited an
interstate high-risk location.

As well as the state-run testing clinics, you can book a test at one of our six Gippsland Respiratory Clinics (Morwell, Sale, Bairnsdale, Warragul, Foster and Wonthaggi). Go to

See the GRPHU Update GRPHU Update 04102021.


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