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Gippsland PHN advisory groups provide valuable advice and feedback

The advice and feedback from our Gippsland PHN advisory groups are key features of our work, ensuring health professionals and the community are major contributors to health planning.

The following topics were discussed at their recent meetings:

  • General practice workforce planning and training capacity
  • The Gippsland PHN project to roll out funding for telehealth infrastructure in Residential Aged Care Facilities
  • Mental health services for young people with severe and complex needs
  • The Hazelwood Health Study

They also highlighted issues including:

  • Accessible information regarding COVID-19 boosters
  • Access to appointments in general practice
  • The prevalence of homelessness and its impacts as a social determinant of health
  • The need to improve health literacy for vulnerable populations

We greatly appreciate the insights from the Community Advisory Committee and the three Sub-regional Clinical Councils which are incorporated into program and population health planning.


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