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Health alert – Japanese encephalitis vaccination update 4 November 2022

Status: Active

Date issued: 4 November 2022

Issued by: Associate Professor Deborah Friedman, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease)

Issued to: Health professionals, residents and visitors in north and north western Victoria.

Key messages

  • Flooding and heavy rainfall have increased the risk of viruses transmitted by mosquitoes in Victoria this season.
  • Japanese encephalitis (JE) virus can cause a rare but potentially serious infection of the brain.
  • JE virus is transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes.
  • There have been no confirmed cases of JE and no detections of JE virus in mosquitoes this season.
  • In Victoria, a JE vaccine is available free-of-charge for specific groups most at risk of exposure to JE virus.
  • Eligibility criteria for JE vaccine have now been expanded to include more Victorians in northern Victoria where mosquitoes are prevalent.
  • The simplest and best way to prevent JE virus infection and other mosquito-borne diseases is to avoid mosquito bites

Read the full advisory: Japanese encephalitis vaccination update

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