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Health warning on monkeypox – 26 August 2022

Date issued: 26 August 2022 (update to 20 August 2022)

Issued by: Associate Professor Deborah Friedman, Deputy Chief Health Officer Communicable Disease

Issued to: Health professionals and the public

Key messages

  • The number of people diagnosed with monkeypox (MPX) in Victoria is increasing due to local transmission.
  • Preventive measures including limiting sexual partners are very important for people who are not vaccinated.
  • Clinicians should test for monkeypox all patients presenting with compatible symptoms, in particular those presenting with a genital rash, lesions, or proctitis.
  • The existing vaccine supply has been largely rolled out through sexual health clinics in Victoria.
  • The eligibility criteria and supply are however limited during August and September as we await a larger supply.

Read the full Alert: Health warning on monkeypox (MPX)

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