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New measles case in Victoria – 21 December 2022

Date issued: 21 December 2022

Issued by: Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer

Issued to: Health professionals and Victorian community

Key messages

  • A new case of measles has been identified in a returned overseas traveller.
  • The case was infectious on their return flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Melbourne and at multiple exposure sites in Melbourne between 12 to 19 December 2022.
  • People who attended the listed exposure sites during the specified dates and times are advised to monitor for symptoms of measles. Symptoms can develop 7 to 18 days after exposure.
  • Anyone who develops symptoms of measles should seek medical care. Wear a mask and call ahead to make sure you can be isolated from others.
  • Healthcare professionals should be alert for measles in patients presenting with fever and rash, particularly if they were overseas or attended a listed exposure site during the specified period. People with compatible illness should be tested, advised to isolate, and notified to the Department of Health.
  • There is no need to check serology prior to vaccination.
  • Anyone planning overseas travel should ensure they have received vaccinations appropriate for travel.
  • Be aware that the initial symptoms of measles are similar to that of COVID-19 and influenza. If a patient has a negative COVID-19 test, but develops a rash, consider measles.
  • Read the full alert: New measles case in Victoria

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