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Poisonous mushrooms growing in Victoria – Health alert 13 April 2022

Status: Active

Date issued: 13 April 2022

Issued by: Dr Angie Bone, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Environment)

Issued to: Health professionals and Victorian community

Key messages

  • Poisonous mushrooms including Death Cap mushrooms and Yellow-staining mushrooms are currently growing around Victoria.
  • Consuming a Death Cap mushroom may result in death.
  • Cooking, peeling or drying these mushrooms does not remove or inactivate the poison.
  • There is no home test available to distinguish safe and edible mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms purchased from a supermarket, greengrocer or other reputable source are safe to eat.

Read the full advisory: Poisonous mushrooms growing in Victoria.

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