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Net Promoter Score

Gippsland Primary Health Network undertook a survey to gather feedback from stakeholders about doing business with the organisation and to establish a baseline Net Promoter Score. 

 A brief, six-question survey was developed on Survey Monkey and distributed to 40 stakeholders. A total of 32 responses were received, representing a response rate of 80 per cent. 

 Calculating a Net Promoter Score requires asking respondents to rate how likely they would be to recommend doing business with Gippsland PHN on a scale of 0 to 10 (least likely to most likely. The average score across 32 responses was 7.65. 

 A Promoter Score is considered to be a rating of 9 or 10 and a Detractor Score a rating of less than 6 with the Net Promoter Score calculated by subtracting the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. 

 The percentage of Promoters in the survey was 37.5, and the percentage of Detractors was 21.8. The Net Promoter Score for the Gippsland PHN was therefore 15.7. 

 Specific feedback about staff (professionalism, experience, responsiveness and engagement from Regional Services team members) saw stakeholders highlight a commitment to innovation, engagement and flexibility by Gippsland PHN employees. 

 Highlights from the survey responses include: 

 Good response rate with no skipped questions indicating commissioned services are engaged and keen to provide feedback.  

  • Specific feedback about staff (professionalism, experience, responsiveness and engagement from Regional Services team members).  
  • Commitment to innovation, engagement and flexibility. 

 The most common themes in terms of areas for improvement were: 

 Explore improved reporting method to reduce burden and duplication.  

  • Explore systems and templates that are simplified and inter-operable.  
  • Explore opportunities for consistencies in communication, contracting and funding expectations.  

 The PHN is using this feedback to improve its processes and will undertake a broader survey in 2022 to measure improvement against the baseline Net Promoter Score. 

 Thank you to all commissioned services who participated in the survey during 2021.

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