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Community transmission of COVID-19 is increasing

Community transmission of COVID-19 is increasing across Victoria. The emergence of JN.1 in Victoria is contributing to prolonged high levels of COVID-19 activity through January.

This is an expected part of the ongoing evolution of COVID-19 in the community as immunity from both infection and vaccination wanes with time.

Symptomatic people should not visit people at risk of severe illness or sensitive settings such as hospitals and aged care facilities.

Sectors providing housing, care or other services to people at increased risk of severe disease (senior Victorians, those with medical comorbidities or disability) should consider activating policies to reduce transmission during this wave. This is particularly relevant to health services (including primary care), aged care, disability care and ACCHOs. These actions may include the use of N-95 masks in clinical care settings and use of recommended surveillance testing for patients, staff and/or visitors.

For more information visit COVID-19 infection, prevention and control guidelines.

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