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Positive outcomes from Gippsland cancer screening project

Gippsland general practices who took part in a Maximising Cancer Screening project say they will embed opportunistic screening as part of routine medical check-ups.

Gippsland Primary Health Network partnered with 20 local general practices across the region in an effort to boost screening rates for bowel, breast and cervical cancer, and testing for hepatitis B and C.

Gippsland PHN Acting Chief Executive Officer, Angela Jacob, said the project results were “very positive” with 732 patients screened.

“The decrease in screening during the COVID pandemic has significant public health implications for vulnerable population groups and the general community,” Mrs Jacob said. “This project has helped raise the importance of cancer screening.”

Dr Sonya Moncrieff from Mirboo North Medical Centre said the project had a beneficial impact on patients’ health. “The flow-on effect was being able to run a more efficient practice,” she said. “I am so pleased to have participated in the roll-out of the project, and in bowel and breast screening in my clinic.’’

Dr Lisa Gilbert from Project Health in Traralgon said the project was “a fantastic opportunity to review and update patient records then initiate recalls for those whose cancer screening may have been missed”.

“We saw an immediate increase in those returning for cancer screening, especially those women who were due for cervical screening,” she said.

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