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GPs offered free subscriptions to Train IT learning system

Health Pathways Gippsland PHN

Gippsland PHN is offering Gippsland general practices a free annual subscription to the Train IT Medical Learning Management System (LMS).

Train IT Medical LMS is an eLearning platform that can host several courses hosted by Train IT Medical. Courses aim to support general practices to utilise clinical software systems, increase data standards and cleaning, participate in Quality Improvement and develop clinical workflows to improve patient outcomes.

Train IT Medical LMS is one tool within the One Good Community General Practice Toolbox.

Courses available for either BP Premier or Medical Director Gippsland for General Practice staff include:

  • Essential Clinical data
  • Improving data quality
  • Implementing Quality Improvements PIP QI using BP premier/Medical Director and POLAR
  • Digital Health and My Health Record

For more information or to gain access to the Train IT Medical LMS, visit

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