Creating a healthier, better connected Gippsland.

Snapshots of health and wellbeing in Gippsland LGAs

New health and wellbeing snapshots of Gippsland’s six Local Government Areas show how each municipality’s community compares to the whole of Gippsland and Victoria.

Information for the snapshots is taken from the Gippsland PHN Health Needs Assessment 2022-2025, highlighting multiple and complex priorities for the region’s primary health system.

Gippsland PHN Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Proposch, said the Health Needs Assessment assisted in working towards the organisation’s vision for a Measurably Healthier Gippsland.

“We are also focusing on driving positive change in health behaviours through the adoption and use digital health tools and technologies by healthcare providers in Gippsland. Building an integrated system of health that considers multiple, interconnected factors across the lifespan inclusive of community, carers and consumers is critical. “

Read the full media release below.

Media release – LGA health and wellbeing snapshots 20102022

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