Creating a healthier, better connected Gippsland.

Snapshot of Gippsland’s health and wellbeing

A new fact sheet, released by Gippsland Primary Health Network, provides a snapshot of the Gippsland community including health, wellbeing, education, social and employment data.

Gippsland PHN is committed to population health planning as an ongoing core function and gathers data and information from many sources, including the local community and health professionals.

Gippsland PHN Chief Executive officer, Amanda Proposch, said Gippsland had unique health and wellbeing priorities.

“The community snapshot helps us identify what is needed in Gippsland to address these priorities,” Ms Proposch said. “Many factors affect health and the snapshot provides social and health indicators for the region including health, population, employment, education, housing and access to services with data comparisons between Gippsland and Victoria.”

Read the full media release here.

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