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New palliative care learning modules for aged care nurses

palliAGED has developed online learning modules for nurses to introduce palliative care in aged care.

The interactive modules cover 10 essential topics and will help aged care nurses to learn the fundamentals of palliative care, as well as prepare to support older persons at the end of life.

The modules are designed for self-paced learning, are free to use, and come with supporting resources such as a printable manual, forms, validated tools, and Practice Tip booklet/sheets.

Each module comes with a certificate of completion and like all palliAGED resources, are practical in nature and grounded in evidence.

To learn more about the modules, visit the palliAGED website and read the blog.

These free to use modules are based on the evidence-based palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets for Nurses new to palliative care. You can download a certificate to add to your learning portfolio for CPD. If you are looking for education and training options explore the palliAGED Training and Education section.

To learn more, visit the About palliAGED Practice Tip Sheets page and read the Clinical Disclaimer.

Aged care services can also make use of these modules and other palliAGED resources within their organisation. If you would like to add these to your local Learning Management System contact  palliAGED.

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