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Trial project on improving quality of patient discharge summaries

A new project in Gippsland will ultimately make a patient’s discharge from hospital to their doctor for ongoing care a seamless process.

The project is in response to feedback from doctors and patients over a long period of time. Their concerns included issues with the format of discharge summaries to Gippsland general practices following acute episodes of hospital care.

Gippsland Primary Health Network (Gippsland PHN) and Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH) have responded to this feedback with an initiative to investigate using the Electronic Medical Record to improve the quality of discharge summaries as a tool for handover of care.

Gippsland PHN will fund the Gippsland Health Alliance to undertake the pilot and work with a focus group of general practitioners. The key objective is to design a discharge summary format that is acceptable to general practitioners and fit for purpose as a tool for handing over a patient’s care from the hospital to their doctor.

Media release – Trial project on discharge summaries 14072022

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