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Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Initiatives for Older Australians

Gippsland PHN has received funding to support senior Australians to live at home for as long as possible with the support of early intervention activities and models of care for chronic disease management.

These activities and models of care are designed to promote healthy ageing and reduce pressure on local health services.


The Gippsland PHN Health Needs Assessment includes information relating to the over 65 year population assists with defining areas for potential commissioned work.

It is estimated that 23.6% of the Gippsland population are aged 65 years or older, compared to 15.8% in Victoria. An even higher proportion of the Bass Coast and East Gippsland populations are aged 65 years or older; 28.7% and 29.4% respectively.

By 2030, 28.1% of the Gippsland population is expected to be aged 65 years or older with 33.5% of the Bass Coast population and 34.9% of the East Gippsland population, compared to 17.1% in Victoria.

According to the GPHN Health Needs Assessment, the prevalence of active chronic disease category for active patients aged 65 years and older in 2020-2021 was:

  • Cardiovascular – 63%
  • Musculoskeletal – 41%
  • Respiratory – 20%
  • Mental Health -19%
  • Diabetes – 18%
  • Cancer – 12%
  • Disability – 3%
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s – 2%
  • Alcohol and Other Drug issues –11%.


After a robust tender process in 2022, Gippsland PHN commissioned the following providers and services:

Healthy Ageing Advocacy Service, Healthy Body Programs and Healthy Social Connections program – Foster and South Gippsland. South Gippsland Hospital. Contact Samantha Park

Chronic Disease Care Clinic at Omeo. Omeo District Health. Contact Kylie Vanderbyl at

Comprehensive Approach to Cardiac Care Across the Patient Journey program – Bairnsdale and surrounding towns. Bairnsdale Regional Health. Contact Sonia Reisenhofer at

Healthy Ageing program – Latrobe Valley. Healthlinks Gippsland. Contact Administration Team 03 51447750

Positive Ageing webinar series-  Generic Care Australia  –

Falls and Strength based classes in Bass Coast –  My PhysioContact Priyanka

Healthwise program – Bass Coast – Contact  Jane