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Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health resources

Ask the Question

The under-identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in mainstream health services and national health data sets is a fundamental barrier to achieving health equality for all Australians. The Indigenous population in Australia has historically had, and continue to have significantly worse health outcomes than the general Australian population. Watch this video for general practice which explains why asking the question is so important.

715 Health Check

It’s important for general practices to be across the range of referral options to other services that are available for a person after the 715 Health Check and the appropriate MBS item numbers. Watch this video from Dr Liz Wearne.

MBS Items

In the case of treating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, there is a comprehensive list of MBS items commonly used in general practice, as well as items used by other health professionals such as allied health providers and nurse practitioners. Watch this video from Dr Liz Wearne which explains the appropriate MBS items.

Integrated Care Program

The aim of Integrated Team Care (ITC) is to contribute to improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic health conditions through better access to coordinated and multidisciplinary care. Watch this helpful information video.