Creating a healthier, better connected Gippsland.

Doing Business with Gippsland PHN

Efficient, effective and transparent procurement practices.

Want to do business with Gippsland PHN?

A key element for Gippsland PHN in building a measurably healthier Gippsland is commissioning service providers throughout the Bass Coast, South Gippsland, Baw Baw, Latrobe, Wellington and East Gippsland local government areas.

This is done in line with the requirements of the Australian Government’s Primary Health Networks (PHN) Grant Program Guidelines.

Gippsland PHN’s Standard Terms and Conditions for contracts can be accessed here.

Gippsland PHN must ensure its Procurement practices are efficient, effective and transparent:


So that we can respond to our local communities’ needs as quickly as possible.


So that we can maximise value for the available funding.


So that we can clearly show where funds have been spent, to whom, and why.

As a recipient of funding from the Australian Government, we are guided by the Commonwealth Procurement Rules which set out Principles for procurement activities:

consider and achieve value for money

encourage competition

be efficient, effective, economical and ethical

be accountable and transparent

seek to identify and treat procurement risk

adopt an appropriate procurement method