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Digital Health Guide

Gippsland PHN is offering all General Practices and Allied Health Professionals across Gippsland a complimentary subscription to the Digital Health Guide.

The Digital Health Guide provides high quality information about mobile health apps, including what capabilities they have, what conditions they are for, what evidence exists to support their claims, and reviews and ratings from health providers, patients and more.

It’s powerful search engine allows you to search and quickly find the right mobile health apps including relevant information and latest available evidence from leading industry journals to make an assessment about its suitability for a patient or carer.

Activating Your Account

Activate your account to receive up-to-date information on many commonly used mobile health apps and digital health solutions.

To activate your free account, contact Kashif and follow the easy step-by-step account activation instructions.

Once your account has been activated, the Digital Health Guide can be accessed via the Digital Health Guide website.

Gippsland HealthPathways users can access the Digital Health Guide by using HealthPathways username and password.


The Digital Health Guide can be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices, supporting engaged patient conversations at the point of care. Content is updated weekly, ensuring unrivalled coverage of mobile health apps and digital health solutions.

A local General Practitioner’s perspective on the Digital Health Guide

Dr Elisabeth Wearne, a Gippsland general practitioner speaks about the importance and benefits of the Digital Health Guide in this short video.


To help you navigate the Digital Health Guide the following resources are available to ensure supportive information is available at your fingertips:

You can watch a webinar (below):


Interested in a Digital Health Guide demonstration? Contact Kashif to schedule a walk through via a live webinar.

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