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LGBTIQA+ Training available with LGBTIQA+ organisations located in Victoria:

Latrobe University offer training called – Val’s LGBTI Aging and Aged Care

The Silver Rainbow Ageing and Aged Care Program

Intersex Peer Support Australia and Intersex human Rights Australia offer Yellow Tick Training and Affirmative Healthcare Pathways information and resources:

Rainbow Health offer LGBTIQ inclusive practice 101, HOW2 Rainbow Tick Accreditation Training and Aged Care inclusive practice training:

Transgender Victoria

Training Offered to health care providers and aged care services:\

Black Rainbow presents Queeroboree – a bi-monthly webinar series with First Nation LGBTIQA+SB guests talking about the First Nation LGBTIQA+SB work they are doing.

Suicide prevention guidelines webinar

  • Prof Ashleigh Lin – Host and Program Head, Mental Health and Youth at Telethon Kids Institute
  • Dr Yael Perry – Lead Researcher and Co-Head, Youth Mental Health at Telethon Kids Institute
  • Jennifer Griffiths – Clinical Specialist, A/Director/Consultant Clinical Psychologist, YouthLink
  • Charlotte Glance – LGBTQA+ Youth Advocate, Youth Pride Network Project & Policy Manager
    CM REF – MEDIA/23/29

Suicide Prevention community training and resources (Switchboard)

Bisexual Inclusive Practice E-Learning Module

Resources to improve awareness of intersectionality:

LGBTIQ+ intersectionality learning module

Training/videos for taking a sexual history:

Sexuality – Safer Sex – Taking a Sexual History (wavelength free course)

Gender – Affirmation and Sexual History (wavelength free course)

Training/videos for correct use of pronouns:

Gender Pronouns, Get Them Right!

Here’s why gender pronouns are so important

Gender – Pronouns (wavelength free course)

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre have several webinars including videos on;

  • Diversity in sexual health consultations
  • Sexual history taking