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Connecting Care: How Provider Connect Australia, Healthdirect, and my health app can benefit your patients and your business – Tech Talk part 2.

Are you wondering how PCA, Healthdirect, and the my health app work together to benefit your patients and business?

Often these different platforms seem disconnected, increase workload and confusion for both patients and businesses. This webinar provides an overview of how PCA, Healthdirect and the my health app work together to provide a connected care experience for healthcare consumers. Our presenters will discuss how utilising these tools to their full potential can positively impact on your business.

Learning outcomes:

  • Discover the recent upgrades to PCA and the my health app
  • The importance of updating Healthdirect with the services you provide and how PCA streamlines that process.
  • How these tools are connecting care to benefit healthcare consumers
  • The benefits that utilising these tools can have on your business.


We encourage attendees to ask the question they would like answers to throughout the webinar.