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CERSH – eSafety- An overview of eSafety, harmful sexual behaviours in an online context, how eSafety can help and eSafety resources.

CERSH Sexual Wellness Professional Development Series 2024

This session will cover-

  • Overview of eSafety
  • Harmful sexual behaviours in an online context including online child sexual abuse, sexual extortion, image-based abuse, inappropriate content and emerging technologies
  • How eSafety can help
  • eSafety resources


Bio: Greg Gebhart is one of Australia’s leading online safety presenters, having provided presentations to more than 1.2 million participants at state, national and international events. He has a strong background in leadership and change and has held several senior positions, including Regional Manager for the Victorian Industry and Education Partnerships program.

He has received national and international awards for his passion to lead education and technology change and been listed in a who’s who of people that have shaped Australia.


Please note: This is not an accredited program, and certificates of completion will not be provided for this session.