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Gippsland PHN work recognised in national report

Gippsland Primary Health Network’s work in remote patient monitoring has been recognised in the Australian Government Productivity Commission’s latest report – Leveraging digital technology in healthcare.

The report says digital innovations that enable care to be delivered remotely such as telehealth, digital therapeutics and remote patient monitoring accelerated during COVID and are now transforming healthcare.

Gippsland PHN has been supporting services to deliver remote patient monitoring since 2020, an initiative acknowledged by the Commission.

Using a mobile based application called Lifeguard, Gippsland PHN has supported GPs to monitor patients on a regular basis and in turn, the patient has the comfort and security of knowing they are being supported from their own home. The program helps reduce unplanned hospital admissions while improving the quality of life of patients enrolled in the program.

Gippsland PHN Chief Executive Amanda Proposch welcomed the Commission’s report and recognition of the organisation’s ongoing work in digital health that supports greater access to care, including  remote patient monitoring.

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