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Health alert – Murray Valley encephalitis virus detected in Victoria 11 January 2023

HealthDate issued: 11 January 2023

Issued by: Associate Professor Deborah Friedman, Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Disease)

Issued to: Health professionals and Victorian community

Key messages

  • Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) virus has been detected in mosquitoes in northern Victoria this mosquito season.
  • MVE virus can cause a rare but potentially serious infection of the central nervous system and is spread to humans by infected mosquitoes.
  • Symptoms may include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and muscle aches, although most infected people do not have symptoms. In serious cases, people can develop meningitis or encephalitis.
  • Anyone with symptoms should seek urgent medical care.
  • Clinicians should test for MVE virus and other mosquito-borne diseases in patients with a compatible illness.
  • Clinicians should notify the Department of Health immediately of suspected cases by calling 1300 651 160.
  • The risk of MVE virus infection and other mosquito-borne diseases is high this mosquito season. The best prevention is to protect against mosquito bites.
  • Read the full alert: Murray Valley encephalitis virus detected in Victoria.

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