Creating a healthier, better connected Gippsland.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Learning Platform for Health Professionals

Education Modules for general practitioners and health professionals

Currently, the alcohol-related death rate across the Gippsland region is the highest in Victoria.

GPs in Gippsland have reported:
• Consulting a drug related patient at least once per week

• Contacting specialists for advice on treating drug-related issues multiple times per week,

• They’d like more education and resources around AOD related issues.

To better support health professionals across the region to, in turn, better support their patients overcome the
impacts of AOD.

The range of resources have undergone a comprehensive consultation and review process,
created by health professionals for health professions.

Gippsland PHN is proud to have developed this platform for the region in partnership with AGPAL & QIP.

Simply scan the QR code or click on the link and complete the EOI form to receive your access details..