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Australian Health Reforms: Collaborating with Consumers to Drive Positive Practice Change

Practice Managers and their teams are invited to join this interactive webinar which will offer all participants the chance to:

  • Demystify the complexities of Australian health reforms, and discuss how consumer collaboration is becoming an integral part of making positive changes in healthcare practices.
  • Learn how patient engagement, feedback and reviews are essential for driving advancements in quality, safety, and success of healthcare practices.
  • Explore how the principles of value-based care and consumer partnerships are critical for enhancing care delivery and outcomes.


Jess and Shelley will guide participants through an interactive exercise to help attendees understand the crucial role of patient reviews in developing partnerships with consumers to identify meaningful improvements in healthcare practices.

The webinar content will be based on the Patient Experience Agency kickstarter webinar titled: Australian Health Reform: A guide for what it means for you and your practice.

This includes three health reforms:

  • Partnering with patients
  • Adopting a value-based, multidisciplinary model of care delivery
  • Implementing Patient-Reported Measures (PREMs/PROMs).


Presenters ;

Jess Cochran

Jess Cochran (they/them) is a queer, non-binary disability advocate, talented performing artist, model, writer, public speaker and carer. Jess is an accomplished writer and highly regarded peer and public figure in the disability community, having been featured in national media including ABC, The Age, Triple J and the Herald Sun. Jess’ lived experience is extensive and diverse, fuelling an intersectional approach to advocacy across government, not-for-profit, health, research and community.

Shelley Thomson

Shelley Thomson (she/her) is a passionate allied healthcare professional dedicated to transforming patient experiences. Shelley co-founded Patient Experience Agency to help primary care practices, PHNs, aged care, disability providers, and government agencies co-design better services by utilising a human-centred approach and gathering experience data and insights to improve outcomes. She is also an author, facilitator and keynote speaker, advocating for value-based, outcome-driven care.