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Pivoting to the perpetrator: How to engage with patients who use DFV – Safer Families

This introductory workshop is designed for GPs and other primary care providers to enhance skills in safely engaging with people who use violence. A panel of experts will discuss how to sensitively ask and respond to disclosures and encourage your patients to seek help appropriately.

Aim: To enhance skills and confidence to identify when violence is occurring and safely engage with people who use violence and encourage appropriate help-seeking.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify patient presentations, narratives and behaviours that may be indicative of use of domestic violence.

  2. Analyse evidence-based risk factors in relation to perpetrator behaviour.

  3. Show how to safely and sensitively ask patients about use of domestic violence and assess their level of risk.

  4. Implement responding to the stages of help-seeking for people who use domestic violence, for example, pre-contemplation to contemplation.

RACGP CPD info for GPs

This activity has been approved in RACGP 2023-2025 triennium for 2 hours:

  • Educational Activities 1 hour

  • Reviewing Performance 1 hour

(If non clinical staff are interested in learning more about this topic, we encourage you to access our Identifying People who have used Domestic and Family Violence eLearning module)