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Short Mental Health Interventions: Domestic Violence – Ways Health Professionals Can Help

The terrifying problem of the rise in domestic and family violence is on all our minds at present. How can we as health practitioners contribute to the solution when sometimes we do not see when it is hidden?

How can we ask the right questions to open up discussion that may just save lives?

As Chair of Family Violence Prevention in the Department of General Practice and Primary Care at the University of Melbourne and Chair of Family Violence Prevention at The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Prof. Kelsey Hegarty is the right person to talk to us about this difficult issue. In this brief webinar GP moderator Dr Jan Orman will ask Prof Hegarty her advice. Please join us for this timely conversation.

Mental health is the number one reason people see their GPs*, yet GPs are time poor and wait times to see psychologists are long. The need for mental health care is growing faster than specialised support and services are, leaving a gap in patient care.

This webinar series aims to provide GPs and other health professionals with skills to ‘fill the gap’ in providing mental health care to their patients using a range of brief interventions. Each webinar will be a discussion about the specific intervention and tips on how to use it effectively with your patients.