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South Eastern Melbourne PHN – Bite sized learning: Get your reception team ready for MyMedicare conversation

South Eastern Melbourne PHN invites all primary health reception staff members to an online webinar to explain the MyMedicare initiative and help prepare for patient questions.

Originally scheduled for release in February, the national MyMedicare consumer campaign has now been postponed until July 2024. This means that practices now have more time to prepare their staff for MyMedicare-related questions.

Reception staff play a critical role in any practice, as they are usually the first point of contact for patients, whether they call or visit in person. We aim to help them provide excellent service and respond to patient queries effectively by equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge. This webinar intends to explain what MyMedicare is and prepare reception staff to confidently answer patient questions. To do this, we have created a short video that demonstrates how receptionists can engage with patients about MyMedicare. The video provides a deeper understanding of MyMedicare, the benefits to patients, how they can register, as well as other questions.

The webinar will conclude with an opportunity for participants to ask questions. We will also be providing links to further resources and information.

Learning Outcomes:

– Gain a better understanding of the MyMedicare initiative, including its benefits and patient eligibility.

– Feel confident in explaining how to register a patient in MyMedicare.

– Possess knowledge of where to direct patients for further information and resources.

– Understand the difference between MyMedicare and My Health Record clearly.

– Be able to answer questions about privacy concerns surrounding registration in MyMedicare.