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Health alert: Invasive meningococcal disease in Victoria 9 June 2023

Status: Active

Date issued: 9 June 2023

Issued by: Adjunct Clinical Professor Brett Sutton, Chief Health Officer

Issued to: Victorian community and health professionals

Key messages

  • Meningococcal disease is an uncommon but serious bacterial infection that requires urgent medical care to prevent death or disability.
  • Young children, adolescents, young adults and people with a weakened immune system are most at risk.
  • Respiratory tract infections and smoking increases the risk of meningococcal disease.
  • The bacteria that cause meningococcal disease can spread from person-to-person through close, prolonged or intimate contact.
  • Stay up to date with recommended vaccinations to protect against meningococcal disease.
  • Meningococcal disease is an “urgent” notifiable condition in Victoria and must be notified to the Department of Health by clinicians as soon as practicable by calling 1300 651 160.

Read the full advisory: Invasive meningococcal disease in Victoria

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