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My Emergency Doctor provides free after-hours medical support

My Emergency Doctor provides after-hours medical support from specialist emergency doctors to small communities of East Gippsland.

If you live in Genoa, Cann River, Mallacoota, Bemm River, Club Terrace, Cabbage Tree, Nerimbee, Chandlers Creek, Wingham River and Tonboon in far East Gippsland, My Emergency Doctor is accessible free of charge from 6pm–8am on week days and all day Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Call 1800 577 401 to receive free telemedicine after-hours support from doctors, trained in emergency medicine. For more information on My Emergency Doctor, go to

Some local residents have provided feedback on the service.

A Genoa farmer is thankful he made the early morning call to the My Emergency Doctor (MED) after-hours medical service.

Waking with severe pain and with a history of health issues, he immediately spoke to a MED specialist emergency doctor who then called an ambulance and coordinated his care.

“We’ve lived here for many years and are grateful to now have a new free after-hours service in addition to our other great health services and the pharmacy,” the farmer’s wife said. “Genoa is 23kms from Mallacoota so we are already at a significant disadvantage in terms of distance and time so the quicker we can access a professional opinion and advice, the better.”

In another instance, a visit to a remote area of East Gippsland to visit her grandmother turned into an anxious time for a Melbourne woman and her young daughter. After arriving at her grandmother’s home, the youngster felt unwell.

“My daughter rang the after-hours service, My Emergency Doctor (MED) and spoke to the specialist emergency doctor who reassured her and advised her what to do,” the grandmother said. “MED took all her details in case further medical attention was needed but she improved over the next day. My daughter really appreciated getting expert advice and reassurance during a very stressful time.”


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